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Advanced Green Air & Surface Treatment Technologies - AIRTEK

STUART TRADING SAS works with international, long established, partners to provide proven, envrionnmentally friendly, technical solutions to a wide range of industries.

We strive to protect our planet by promoting the use of innovative, proven, long life, durable technologies that save Energy and have a very low environnmental impact compared to traditional technologies 

All our carefully selected products impact positively  on the  Health & Security issues of the workplace


imports and distributes these technologies

through a network of local country distributors 

 in France, Belgium, Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

  • "Plug & Play" 

    • A range of Standard "plug & play" Air Purification Products 

    • Sales : Via direct or indirect sales forces

    • Typical applications : Houses; Offices; Waiting rooms; Restaurants; Schools, Creches, Banks, etc...

  • HVAC range

    • This range is especially designed to be inserted rapidly and efficiently (15mins) into HVAC systems

    • Sales : Via professional Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installators

    • Typical applications: Hotels, Office blocks, Theatres, Cinemas, Event halls, etc..

  • Made-to-measure 

    • These are specially tailored products that are designed and manufactured to meet identified industrial needs

    • Sale : Via focused industrial sales forces

    • Typical applications: Industial kitchens; Recycling plants, Bank treasury rooms, waste treatment plants, etc...



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+ Operating Theatres + Recovery Rooms + Waiting rooms + Etc


+ Tresory, Counting and storage facilities + Offices + Public areas + Etc..


+ Double the life of fruit & vegetable storage + Cold Storage units (fixed + mobile)


+ Made-to-mesure equipment + Reduction of Mineral pollution + Destruction of Organic pollution


+ Busy Offices + Call Centers + Meeting Rooms


+ Kitchens (Odor destruction + surface decontamination)


+ Crowed Restaurants (Odors reduction)


+ Public Transport (Odor Destruction, Decontamination of air and surfaces)

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+ Improve Livestock performances (Odor reductions; reduced stress levels; improved weigh gain/feed ratios, ..)

Partner - France 
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Our technical design office and Air Quality experts welcome the challenge to find the right cost effective Green AirTek solution to resolve your Air Quality issues

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